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The answer is the same as why they don't outlaw cigarettes - it makes them too much money! And unfortunately, society is getting real good at blaming others for actions we ourselves take. You didn't learn that from the classic Westerns! Kill your own cows or pigs. Originally posted by orangindo :.

Watched them all when I was a kid and then watched them again when they went into Syndication. I was the remote control :. Don't forget Bonanza, probably one of the most played and replayed of all time. And yes, being the remote was such a As was being the rotor for the antenna. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 2 Apr pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Rawhide Bones: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Dangerous

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Craig, Gil and Rowdy volunteer to bring its seven dangerous convicts to trial. Meanwhile, the outlaw husband of one prisoner follows in pursuit. The bride's stepbrother, a murderer 16 times over, has returned to claim his share of the family fortune. Gil and Rowdy try to get them to come back and discover that a woman is behind it. She and her cohorts are planning on setting up a new Confederacy. He discovers, however, that Reston has a bigoted attitude toward indians, particularly a local Comanche named Taslatch, who wants to be a farmer and has paid for a mai.

A freight hauler with a gunfighter says he's using the only river crossing first. Complicating matters is the fact that her town doesn't want anything to do with the drovers or the herd. Furthermore, one hired hand hides something that could put the whole enterprise at risk.

Favor invites Jenny to ride along to Silver Junction.

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Little do Favor and Pete know, Jenny is in cahoots with three brothers to rob Favor of the drive's payroll. Amelia Spaulding is inside singing and making candy. They ride into a nearby town but end up as victims of a vicious gang that has taken over the town. Lightning stampedes the remuda and kills farmer Ken Wade. His wife urges Eli to avenge her husband's death. Jess' son stands by him but soon comes to see through his old man. Conveniently, one just rebuffed scout Pete's plea to get back together. The Morgan sets up Pete to take the fall for murdering saloon owner Nora Sage.

The women are the wives and girlfriends of the convicts working at a contract prison camp. Todd McCauley has one month to go, but fears. Rowdy befriends a woman, once a countess, now being held by the Comancheros. She sneaks a mirror into Rowdy's saddlebag for the kindness he has shown. At a trading post the mirror is. However, the local sheriff tells Favor that there are no indians within miles. Luisa, a rancher, sees it and tries to get Rowdy to work for her.

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Gil and Rowdy come across her baby while out searching for strays. A cowboy soon arrives who claims to be the baby's father.

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  • The marshal, who made the town safe, is now drunk on his own power, enforcing petty rules. Factoring heavily into th. However, the pair gets impounded for the jury of Matson's murder trial, as he is accused of killing an indian agent. Indian drover Tasunka knows where an ample water supply can be found. The problem, however, is that it is located in hostile indian country.

    The puma escapes and kills the young son of a local rancher's widow. Gil and the guys go on the hunt for the puma along with a friend of the widow, who also happens to want to kill Gil. There is a large reward being offered for a white girl who has been missing since she was a small child. Elmo's Fire and avenging Commanches. Gil treats the young loner as a little brother, but wrangler Hey Soos preaches that the youngster's bad luck will bring death.

    As the testy drovers battle a series of s. The soldiers claim that Frank Volaro, one of the hands, is the son of a revolutionary leader and demand that he be handed over to them. After overhearing the professor speaking about the supposed stones, three drovers kidnap him and Mave, demanding that they take them to the "treasur. They then come upon the body of a lawyer ambushed by indians. Vance decides to pose as Jonathan Williams, attorney at law.

    Pete Nolan and some friends help them out, and they go on. Later, the girl mysteriously disappears. When they arrive they are met by an indian woman and a man who claims to be the astronomer. When they return, the herd is gone.

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    He leaves the cattle drive for romance and to start a restaurant. The murders all have one thing in common: A steer appears after each death with the word "murder" branded on it. He asks to travel with the herd for a couple of days. He offers to clean and oil everyone's guns but instead sabotages them by filing down all the firing pins. This is part of a plan by Anton's relatives to rustl. An ex-con comes and takes Henry's clothes and catches Jeannie. He passes himself off as Henry and his little girl, Carie, who doesn't speak.

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    He finds some but they are owned by an Englishman, Sir Richard Ashley, who doesn't want to sell. Ashley's daughter, however, promises to work out a deal. Mitla finds him and cares for him until he wakes. Favor is grateful and joins Mitla in his search for Julia Garcia, a girl said to possess magical powers. The main disputer, another trail boss, takes Favor's place, which raises eyebrows. The only clues he has to his identity are that he is a drover, has a scar below his left ear and his initials are G.

    Are Rawhide Chews Dangerous for Your Dog?

    Bradley pulls a gun on Victor Laurier, who led a POW camp during the war, and wants to know where her husband is. She knows he isn't dead, having received a letter from him four years after he was supposed to have died. Victor says that at the end of. Insulted, the Indians seek to punish the entire cattle drive.


    Rowdy and Quince are suspects and taken to two nuns to be identified. They say they are not the men. Two desperadoes are holding Father Sebastian until the nuns deliver the money to Blainesville. Martha Mushgrove pulled down one highwayman's mask to slap him, so the robbers track her to eliminate a witness. Favor must deal with bitter Emma Caldwell to graze the herd. Rowdy is mistaken for another man.

    Another passenger is Ogala, chief of the Pawnee, who is going to be in a Wild West show. Quince chases a rustler off, but is arrested himself. Cal thinks Frank Travis is trying to run them off. Frank's daughter, Flora, has had Cal courting her for a year, but she likes Danny. Ruthann has a questionable past. He learns that his wife is preparing to run away with his brother.

    A search for a pass and water leads to villans looking for gold. Captain Brian Donohoe follows the orders of Judge Brady. Mary, the judge's daughter, is married to Brian and doesn't like it. Two bounty hunters shadow them, hoping to find Clete, their wanted father. The deputy is shot and Rowdy is arrested for murder. Baxter Springs Cattleman's Association will not help Favor. Two other indians want to accompany the herd to Black Pass. Sky Blackstorm returns to town and uses Pete and Mushy as pawns to regain custody of his son.

    North's cattle. Lewis, Mrs.

    North's lawyer, says the cattle that Wesley Adams turned over to Favor were Mrs. North's and were to be delivered to the Army. The night watchman, Simpson, wakes up. Joe clunks him. Sid thinks they're bringing the money back in three days. He is leading a revolution against the Texas land grant.

    Rowdy also meets his dad, who ran out on him and his ma.

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    • Favor finds wagon remains and 12 graves. Five replacements stir trouble. Her father has become a hanging judge, following the accidental shooting of his wife. The sheriff says it's Cheyenne headed for Mexico. Pete picks up their trail. Pete asks Rowdy not to tell Favor right away.

      Little Hawk, the chief, is the father of Pete's dead wife. Meanwhile, Shelia Brewster is running away from her Army fiancee. However, when the town's residents think he is one of the sheepmen, Rowdy finds himself on the receiving end of the same kind of treatment he used to dish out to sheepmen. Pascal, the owner and clown, beats his wife, Jenny, who wants to run away with Dario, the other half of her high wire act. She turns out to be a former Union spy, which raises ire in the men—especially the one who was courtmartialed because of her.

      Ashton entrusts Woolsey, his valet, to Favor. The boy isn't really sick and Rowdy ignores Favor's orders to move the herd across a river, trapping the herd. In the nearby town the men find Clay Forrester working as a marshal taking the census. He wrangles Favor's men to work for him on it and his scheme. She resorts to lying and causes big problems. Sorkin trying to drive a small herd of cattle by himself. Mendel wants to sell the herd in a nearby town and use the money to return to his native country. But the fence isn't Favor's only problem: His daughters are about to join him on the trail.

      He's off on his honeymoon, so Rowdy decides to ride out to find him.