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In Tri Force Heroes only, Fairies possess a unique role in that they are used as the Links ' extra lives.

Fairy Fact No. 24

Whenever a Link falls in battle resulting in all Links falling due to their shared health , a Fairy appears to revive him, and the Links are forced to restart the Stage of the Level. Three Fairies are brought into a Level when the Links enter the Drablands.

If the Links fall after losing their last Fairy, the Level is failed and the Links are forced to exit. After clearing a Level, any Fairies remaining are tallied and turned into bonus Rupees , multiplied by 30 for each Fairy E. In single-player mode only while using the Doppels , Link can use a Fairy to skip Stages and advance to the next one.

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Doing this however will empty all of the Rupees Link has collected thus far, decrease the number of bonus Rupees Link earns after clearing the Level, and will replace the contents of a Material chest with 20 Rupees for each Fairy used. In Ocarina of Time , the Fairies are referred to as Fairy's Spirits in the Medicine Shop , appearing as nondescript, glowing orbs with wings.

New from the Fairy Workshop

In Phantom Hourglass as well as Spirit Tracks , the only Fairies that appear are respectively the Servant Spirits and the Spirit of Healing , who also take on said shape. It restores eight Hearts and refills the Magic Meter. It cannot be caught in a Bottle, and therefore cannot revive Link when he runs out of health. In Ocarina of Time 3D , the color of the Big Fairy has been changed to yellow to differ from the normal Fairies, has wings, and now fully heals Link.

These changes are also present in Majora's Mask besides the color change. Great Fairies are much larger than regular Fairies, at the size of a full grown Hylian or larger, and they almost invariably inhibit a winged female form the only exception to this rule is the case of the Great Fairies in Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , and Hyrule Warriors , who resemble women and can fly, but have no visible wings.

Are Fairies Real?

They also help Link, often by providing him with special power-ups or increased item-carrying capacity, alongside replenishing his health. A Stray Fairy is a portion of a shattered Great Fairy. These Fairies are different from most other Fairies, appearing more rabbit-like in physicality and more subdued in their composure.

All of Link's canon companions are in Fairy's Spirit form. All of the non-canon variety are in humanoid form, with the exception of Hyrule Warriors. In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland , the Fairies lived in the Fairy Garden , however it turned into a barren desert after the five Fairies that protected it went to sleep. Tingle's companion, Pinkle , is also a Fairy and is the daughter of the Grand Fairy, who was imprisoned by Uncle Rupee and had her powers removed.

After Tingle rescues her from the Auros Ruins , she regains her powers and transforms back into her original Fairy form. There, they are ruled by King Oberon alongside his daughter.

The legend of fairies

The Fairies only appear in the " Fairies in the Spring " episode, where Spryte's sister is creating Water Monsters with her magic since King Harkinian 's Royal Water Park is draining their water supply. Eventually, King Harkinian and King Oberon clear up all misunderstandings, allowing both humans and Fairies to enjoy the water park. Later in her quest, Link and Zelda will find the Pink Fairy only if the duo defeat the group of Octoroks that ambushed them in the forest.

They proclaim Link as their hero and give him a Life Heart on their first encounter, followed by Water of Life for every subsequent visit. They were imprisoned by the Three Witches when they froze the Pool. They will also refill Zelda's Canteen if she owns one. In Zelda's Adventure , Fairies appear in small ponds found throughout Tolemac , and fully recover Zelda's health when approached. In Super Smash Bros.

Brawl , a Fairy in a Bottle appears as a Sticker. A Fairy resembling Navi also appears in one of Link's taunt s. In Hyrule Warriors , Fairies appear as elemental entities in Adventure Mode that are used to destroy harmful barriers that surround certain Keeps.

They appear trapped within certain Keeps and are freed when these Keeps are captured. Once freed and collected, they are kept in the item inventory within a Bottle and can only be used while inside a Keep that has a barrier of the corresponding element surrounding it. These Fairies are kept by Fairy Hunters , and are freed when these Captains are defeated. Upon collecting a Rupee Fairy, all enemies will drop Silver and Gold Rupees for a short amount of time, which are worth more than the regular Green, Blue, and Red Rupees.

A Fairy named Proxi also accompanies Link during his battles, and speaks on his behalf. Proxi also accompanies Young Link. The Great Fairy also sends Fairies to attack enemy troops when she is summoned from the Fairy Fountain.

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They help in various ways depending on the battle; such as dropping giant Bombs on enemy units, calling upon a recreation of the Terminian Moon to knock Argorok out of the sky, or by sending a rain of energy that destroys several enemies on the field. Fairies also accompany Link's Great Fairy weapon type.

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They surround the Great Fairy while she dashes, and attack enemies as part of the Focus Spirit attack. Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. For other uses, see Fairy Disambiguation. This article is a viable candidate for reorganization. It has been suggested that the portion of this page concerning Big Fairy should be made into its own page. Should the target page already exist, this content should be merged into it where appropriate. Discuss this on article's talk page.

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Artwork Render Model Sprite. Hyrule Warriors Super Smash Bros. Navi, a Fairy from Ocarina of Time. Tatl, a Fairy from Majora's Mask. Titania points the way to her fairy friends from the shopping village. Each fairy is different, some are bold and will want to shake your hand, others are shy and are harder to spot high up in the trees.

Can you find them all? Some new Fairies have joined their friends at Trentham Gardens.

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