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The reticle is especially impressive, with mil-dot markings and coordination with tactical turrets. There are two basic adjustment turrets, for windage and elevation. It works at distances as low as 5 yards, thanks to an AO front lens.

There are some quality control issues with these scopes, and some previous buyers mentioned receiving defective scopes out of the box. The eye box is fairly small. Any fixed-power [eyepiece is inherently limited. This adjustable magnification scope has a X power range, for shots out to yards the edge of what air rifles can do. For durability, all of the adjustment turrets are encased in rubber, which cushions kickback. We strongly recommend this one for most hunters and target shooters as the best midrange, all-purpose option!

Both lenses are fully multi-coated to reduce glare and allow better lighting.

UK Air Gun Basics Ep1 - Buying a new air rifle (Airgun Tips and Advice)

They provide a cheap, low-maintenance cushion from air rifle kickback without the premium cost associated with spring cushioning. For further backup, a pin keeps everything at absolute zero when you really need it. They said that it stands up to heavy recoil every time, and never loses its zeroed-in focus. You can also adjust for parallax with an AO eyepiece. It works down to about 10 yards or so. They screw on with narrow threads, which are fine for storage, but not great for quick access.

This one is for the most demanding air rifle shooters! The lenses have a very wide power range, at 6. The 42mm objective lens provides a nice, wide field of vision, even at the highest magnification settings. This allows for a lower, less-obtrusive mounting position. The illuminated reticle is adaptive and fully adjustable. Within each color, there are 5 brightness levels to choose from. We especially like the color options, since most reticles only give you the red setting. Even without the illumination feature, the reticle is impressive.

It works on a mil-dot design, and is fully-floating, so its size stays the same no matter the magnification setting. The 30mm tube is engineered from a single piece of aluminum for structural integrity and better aim along the length of the scope itself. The adjustment turrets are tactical-style, with exposed knobs. That takes the one major disadvantage of tactical turrets out of the picture! Parallax is adjustable via a simple side knob. The side turret is also more precise than a moving eyepiece which is what our other recommendations have.

Unlike our other choices, the Sidewinder is designed to work with any firearm. That makes the price a bit easier to stomach, since you can use it for each hunt! It comes with all the accessories you need for a day in the field, like a hard carrying case, lens caps, and a sun-shade. The UTG is definitely the best choice for close ranges. It has the lowest power, but complements its fixed range set with tactical adjustments and a parallax adjustment feature which works at lower distances than the other two.

The BSA gets you a bit more range without raising the price too much.

Pin Point: Top 10 Best Air Rifles

Its X power range makes it a good all-around choice for target practice as well as small game hunting. If you want some more versatility without going for a premium option, you should have a look at this one! The Hawke will take you to the edge of what air rifles can do, with an extremely wide power range and tactical adjustments. The Hawke is probably overkill for the casual or beginning user, though. Air rifles, or pellet guns, fire small, short pellet-style bullets instead of longer rifle bullets.

They shoot munitions sized at several calibers. Different calibers shoot at different distances, so you need an appropriately powered scope for each. Learn more about choosing the right scope. Before you can start considering specific models, you need to know which caliber your rifle fires. That way, you can choose something with the corresponding magnification power.

The most common caliber of munitions sold for these firearms is. If you want to see all of our recommendations, keep reading! The Gamo Varmint is one of the best air rifles for the money on the market today. As one of the most powerful air rifles on our list, it can feel more like shooting a. Also at 30 pounds of break-barrel pressure needed to cock the gun, it may be difficult at first until you build up the appropriate strength.

All in all, the Gamo Varmint Air Rifle is a great all around air gun that would be great for any small game or nuisance species applications, as well as target shooting. The scope being lesser quality will most likely only affect seasoned hunters who want a little bit more performance. Perhaps best known for their traditional firearms, Ruger brings us a high-performance air rifle that fits all the needs of a small game hunter. The spring-action. Although this air rifle is not as powerful as some of the others on our list, it still packs a sufficient punch.

With a FPS muzzle velocity, the Ruger BlackHawk has enough power to dispatch of any small game targets you wish, even large groundhogs and foxes, with great accuracy. One thing that this air rifle has that not all others do is fiber-optic down the barrel sights. Unfortunately, no air rifle is perfect, and the Ruger BlackHawk is no exception. While it does have exceptional spring power, this spring can cause screws that secure the scope to become loose over time.

Best Air Rifles of 12222 – The Most Exciting Guns to Have

With routine maintenance, this should never be a problem but it is something to keep in mind. At its price point, I highly recommend giving it a try next time you go out small game hunting. So far I have focused on only the highest-powered air rifles for maximum efficiency across multiple small game species.

The Daisy Powerline Air Rifle is easily one of the best air rifles for squirrels available today and this kit comes with everything you need to get started. What comes in the kit? The kit includes safety glasses, 4x15mm scope with rings, pellets, and BBs. I understand that some people may prefer to pick their own shooting gear glasses, ammo, etc. The downside to an affordable air rifle kit like this one is that the materials used to build it are often lesser quality than more expensive air rifles. The Daisy Powerline Air Rifle is built with a lot of plastic and that can make things like the pneumatic air pump mechanism weak over time.

To us, the affordability of this air rifle more than makes up for what it lacks in construction materials. For squirrel control and fun, backyard shooting, the Daisy Powerline Air Rifle Kit may be exactly what you are looking for! For those of you who have moved on from varmint control to real small game hunting, a quiet air rifle like this is essential. A high quality air rifle should, in our opinion, have some aspects of customization. On the downside, like lots of stock air rifle scopes, the optics of the Raptor leave a lot to be desired.

For a scope that can be sighted in and relied upon, I recommend upgrading as soon as possible. The scope of this air rifle might be a big downside for some, but remember that this is a problem that most stock air rifle scopes have to contend with. Putting the scope issues aside, the Gamo Raptor Air Rifle is a high quality gun that can be used in a wide array of hunting situations.

As you can tell from our list, Gamo is one of our favorite air rifle companies, so I had to round out our reviews with another great model from their Whisper Series.

Comparison Table

The Silent Cat offers all the noise dampening technology that Gamo is known for in a sleek, lightweight design. This reduces the overall weight of the air rifle plus it just looks cool! This air rifle is also compatible with left and right-handed shooters. The scope seems to be the bane of all air rifles.

Top 3 Best Air Rifles

This scope, while a higher quality than others on our list, will require sighting more often than most of you would probably like, but by now you should tell that this is most likely going to be a problem for most air rifles you purchase. Despite the scope issues common with air rifles, the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is a powerful and accurate model great for those considering taking their small game hunting to the next level. Make sure you think about the species you target and other hunting conditions that can affect your air rifle choice.

And as always, come back and reread our guide if you have any more questions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Best Airgun Pellets for The Money in Share 0. Pin 0. Types of Airgun Pellets There are a handful of different options when it comes to the type of air rifle you can buy. Pneumatic air rifles are popular because of their affordability and they are great first air guns for young children who want to learn how to shoot.

10 Best Air Rifle Scopes of - by Corporal Goins - Marine Approved

Spring-Powered Air Rifles 1 Hunting Choice - Generally speaking, spring-action air rifles are the most powerful of the three main styles. They offer the most FPS potential and are easy to use! There are three different types of spring systems each self explanatory. Side-Lever Underlever Break-barrel lever. The advantage to these models is that there is no cocking or pumping necessary between shots 1 cartridge can last up to 50 shots! These air rifles are not as powerful as their spring or air-powered counterparts.

Ammunition Type. When it comes to choosing the style of pellet, there are many different options, but the two most common types for hunting are: Hollowpoint Pellets - This round will expand on contact with your target species and they are designed to kill.

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