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But I identify as a Christian. Worship makes me sad.

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I have very little self worth and I put my identity in worldly things. Hi Sophia, thank you for sharing with us. I hear your fear and sadness. God smiles radiantly at you! Some of these articles might be helpful to you.

I encourage you to find a follower of Jesus who you can share these hard things with. Jesus, show Sophia your nearness.

I Love My Dad Quotes

Bring someone into her life who can offer her your love and grace. Research has been done on affirmations, which Bible verses can perform as in our spirits. I struggle because of being abandoned, rejected, etc. Father, we lift up Nancy and ask for your spirit of wisdom and revelation for Nancy that she would experience your love in her heart in Jesus name. We live in a world of imperfection. Of stress, worries, pain and hate. We all seek the prefect life. One that seems unreachable.

We long for true happiness. And often ask if there is really such a thing? And in the darkest of nights. When we cry. When we reach out for help and find emptiness. And the tears roll down our cheeks. There is one who hears us!

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A loving Father like no other! One who no matter the hour. No matter the place or situation is there to hold and love us with a love you will never find from anyone or anything on this earth! Yes, Abba, Pappa, my loving daddy! In you I am complete! In You I am loved and have all that my soul desires! In you I am forgiven and you prepare a place for me!

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Yes, He loves us so much that He has prepared a place to live with Him forever! We truly are blessed to have such a loving Father! Please pray for me. I want Him to be the first person, during and last person I think of in the day. Here is also a think to our Scripture Meditation Archives for you to further train on how to enthrall yourself with the word of God.

Give him a love and desire to learn more of you and call him unto Yourself. In Jesus name. This archive has all the articles that Bill and Kristi have written about what the Lord has taught them about the Love that Abba Father our Papa has for them, as well as, for all of us. Lifting you up in prayer that our Lord will show you the love He has for you as His dear daughter.

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Heart who has full truly love and good pf all, source of wisdom. Thank you Abba love You so much, thank you for Your greatest love forever, Thanks for put me in Your heart forever, forever in Your love. This reminds me of what kind of love I should have received.

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Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer; But this I know with all my heart — His wounds have paid my ransom.

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Writing this song was an unusual experience for me. But I distinctly remember getting this feeling one day that I was going to write a hymn!

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Now, like most people, I am familiar with hymns — they form part of my church background, and I love the truth contained in many of them. And what was my part in it? It just makes his sacrifice all the more personal, all the more amazing, and all the more humbling. So the melody was pretty instant, but the words took quite a bit of time, reworking things, trying to make every line as strong as I could. But it has perhaps branded me as an old man before my time.